While you sleep, the brain wanders.

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What is sleep?

Sleep is a state which is recurring for both mind and body. In this state, the individual has reduced interactions with his surroundings thereby resting the voluntary muscles.

Why sleeping early matters?

According to the research, the initial hours of the sleep is the actual resting time of the brain hence sleeping early between (9pm – 12pm ) the body gets double rest (voluntary muscles rest and also the brain rest). After resting phase the brain becomes more active.

While it is active it ensures assembling, arranging, discarding data from our memories of the entire day.

Image Source – Scientefic American

While doing so the subconscious brain could also see the visuals and imagine which in turn becomes dreaming.

Hence mostly while one dreams about something it is something that might have crossed their mind for at least once during the whole day, or something they sensed (knowingly or unknowingly).

Hence if the person doesn’t sleep early the brain gets less time to rest and it’ll be active all the way through causing obstruction later during day while focusing, learning, or doing other activities.


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