(Lake Moraine, source: Getty images)

About 2 million lakes

Canada is known in entire world for holding a record for largest number of lakes making it beautiful piece of land on earth attracting tourists around globe.

·       The largest lake in world is the Caspian sea with area of 371,000 square kilometers

·       The largest amongst all the freshwater lakes in Canada is lake SUPERIOR covering area of82,414 Square Kilometers

·    Lake superior is followed by lake MICHIGAN and the other lakes as per the area covered.

·    More than 50% of lakes are suggested to be found in Canada.

Lakes listed in 30 largest lakes located in Canada. (As per World Atlas)

Name of lake  Location Area (in km²)
Lake superior Canada 82,414
Lake Huron United States, Canada 59,596
Great Bear Lake Canada 31,080
Great Slave lake Canada 28,930
Erie United States, Canada 25,744
Winnipeg Canada 24,514
Ontario Canada, United States 18,960
Athabasca Canada 7,850
Reindeer lake Canada 6,500
Winnipegosis Canada 5,370
Nettiling Canada 5,066


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