Fingerprints of koala and humans are so indistinguishable that they have on occasion been confused at crime scene

     (Image source: Ripley’s believe it or not)

About koala

  • Koala is herbivores animal found in Australia
  • Koalas don’t live in rainforest or desert areas
  • They reside on tall eucalyptus trees
  • They feed on the leaves of these trees
  • They usually have a life span of about 18 years

Koalas have fingerprints

Koalas, gorilla and chimpanzees all are relatives of human and hence show few similar traits. One of such trait can be observed in Koalas which is their fingerprints.

Fingerprints of koala and human be so indistinguishable that it could be confused at crime scene, though such cases haven’t been reported in the past where koala commits crime.

How did Koala evolve to have fingerprints?

As per the research studies, as koala feed on leaves and holds leaves with it’s hand. Due to the gripping pattern, it might have developed fingerprints over years and hence evolved.


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