The answer is yes. The reason is:

Scientific reasons:

  • Thermal expansion: the tendency of matter to expand it’s shape, size, volume and area as a response to the change in the temperature.

When an object is heated or cooled, its length change by an amount proportional to the original length and the change in temperature.

In other words: Metals such as iron, steel, etc. Expand by some inches during summer and again come back to it’s original length.

(Due to the same reason the tracks of railway are made in such a way that they have little gap in the consecutive metal placing. This avoids accidents during summer while the metal expands filling in the gap.)The Eiffel tower is made up of iron and like other metals even iron expand during summer hence, the Eiffel tower grows by about 6 inches during the summer and comes back to it’s original height during the winter


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