What is plankton fossils?

Plankton fossils are the remains of the aquatic organisms which were at the lower level in the food chain and usually be known as food for whales and other fishes.

Study of such plankton fossils and marine organisms is a huge space for research in the stream of science.

How is chalk formed in nature?

  • Chalk is a form of Calcite which consists of limestone
  • Chalk is soft, porous and white in color
  • Chalk is made from a marine process in which coccoliths ( Calcite shells) are deposited on the shore on the rocks by marine organism an algae named coccolithopher.
  • Over years after the deposition of this Calcite shells, the older deposition get hurried below and new layer is formed on top of it.
  • Due to the pressure on the lower layers and the other geological processes in nature, the chalk is formed and deposited in such rocks.
  • It takes billionsof years to form chalk.

Hence the chalk used is made of trillions of microscopic plankton fossils which got deposited years back in the rock


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